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rFactor 2: Сборка 590

rFactor 2: Сборка 590

Компания Image Space Incorporated выпустила очередную сборку rFactor 2 под номером 590.

В новой версии разработчики не стали баловать своих пользователей каким-либо новым контентом, а сосредоточились на исправлении ранее обнаруженных ошибок в симуляторе. Основные изменения новой версии отразились в исправлении ошибок многопользовательского режима, оптимизации графики и улучшении искусственного интеллекта (AI).

Наряду с полной версией ISI обновила и демо-версию симулятора, что дает возможность всем желающим опробовать бесплатно актуальную сборку rFactor 2.

Полный список изменений версии 590:

Fixed bug with HDR lum histogram when in SLI mode
Fixed 3D Vision problem with tire shader
Added extended ambient shadows under cars
Modified EnvReflections = Off mode to render only sky/clouds into ref map

Added “+memstats” cmdline option to output memory usage file

Fixed crash on MP lobby UI page
Fixed an issue with duplicate mas names during packaging; incorporated mutex stuff into masBase to allow toggling of mutex requirement during mas object creation
Fixed bug where 1st time running after fresh install keyboard and controller support will be disabled.
Fixed a potential problem with upgrades that adjust gear settings.
Fix issue where sometimes shadows were fuzzy in cockpit until you hit Insert three times.
Fix for sidebars not clearing when exiting replay mode directly from control screen.
Fix for issue where a vehicle is constantly loaded/unloaded in multiplayer when they have a special skin

Added “Copy To Clipboard” button to TTool.
Fixed viewer.exe crash
Corrected rFactor Mod Mode.exe UI
Fixed lockup when mouse is moved in mod mode

UI / HUD / Options:
Added a button to manually transfer loose livery file, so that you may update the server’s copy or get the latest version of the livery stored on the server.
Disabled Mod button if server and client version do not match.

Fixed +oneclick crash
Fixed join button greyed out issue
Message box shown if dedicated server is stated with oneclick but no mod is loaded
Reduced likelihood of problem in non-race multiplayer sessions where vehicles that joined late would usually not load.

Preventing driver database from growing much larger than it needs with duplicate entries
Loading custom paths from the loose track directory (*.aip files contain info for a single path)
Small change attempting to reduce AI tendency to stay behind a slower car.

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