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netKar Pro v.1.1 - финальный релиз

netKar Pro v.1.1 - финальный релиз

Наконец-то вышел долгожданный релиз автосимулятора netKar Pro версии 1.1. В финальной версии устранены все известные недочеты и внесены новые долгожданные функции.

Полный список изменений (начиная с первой бета версии):
- Fixed driver race number not being set on driver's panel opening  
- Fixed licence file not being generated
- Removed "speeding in pits" message during replays
- Added click noise for cockpit buttons
- [TO CHECK] Fixed top bar only showing flags
- Fixed top bar not switchable and appearing in full mode
- Increased the highest driver race number to 500
- Dirty visor is back
- Fixed "use beep" in chat
- Tyre vibrational modes are now damped down going through the steering wheel
- Fixed FF friction applying forces in the wrong direction
- Added "cancel" button to password message box
- Fixed replay not showing custom skin
- Moved application saved files to "My Documents"
- Fixed incorrect rounding of setup values generating different numbers when moving up/down
- Added audio mixing functionality
- Added X360 controller native support
- Fixed a potential divide by zero when pedals are not properly configured
- Added an top level dead zone for the clutch preventi the car from moving slightly with 1st and clutch down
- Fixed limited slip differential adding too much locking torques
- Fixed F1600 front tyres, not enough grip
- New formula to calculate Force Feedback contributions from caster
- Added sort functionality to server list for Name, Car, Track and Ping
- Added Race, Qualify, Practice indicator in server list
- Added color codes to server list
- Fixed video resolution list reporting the same combination more than once
- Fixed incorrect "ghost" collisions in multiplayer
- Improved car bottom/ground collision detection and response
- Fixed BACKSPACE starter button interfering with chat
- Fixed controls configuration potentially crashing the system due to different locale culture settings
- Fixed fuel consuption for the F2000
- Fixed tyre temperature going very cold on grass and sand
- Fixed key control when device lock is > steer lock
- Added antialias settings
- Added remote cars details settings
- Fixed controller panel not updating controller configuration after executing controller wizard
- Online Race panel now checks if a track is available on the client before launching the simulator
- Fixed engine sound source for 5.1 and 7.1 systems
- Added custom tracks cubemap support

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