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iRacing: Icebreaker 100

iRacing: Icebreaker 100

В пятницу 8 апреля на трассе Thompson International Speedway и автомобиле Street Stock состоится гонка под названием Icebreaker 100.

Открытая практика начнется в пятницу 1 апреля и продолжится вплоть до начала гонки. Квалификация также начнется второго апреля в 00:45 GMT, начало каждой квалификационной сессии в 45 минут каждого часа. По три быстрейших пилота в каждом сплите будут отмечены в отчете о гонке на сайтах inRacingNews и iRacing, а также будут выбрана пять пилотов, которые получат по призовые сертификаты интернет-магазина на сумму $100.

Участие в гонки бесплатное для всех пользователей iRacing без учета уровня лицензии.

Title: 2011 Icebreaker 100

Event Date: Friday, April 8 at 9 pm EST (01:00 GMT/UTC Saturday, April 9)

Series: Members will select the Series tab and choose the Icebreaker 100

Car: Street Stock

Track: Thompson International Speedway

Practice Sessions: Open practice sessions will begin on April 1 and will remain open until the event commences

Qualifying: Open qualifying consisting of two green flag laps begins Friday, April 1 at 7:45 pm EST (00:45 GMT/UTC Saturday, April 2) and continues at 45 minutes past the hour, every hour, until the event commences

Qualifying Process: Each qualifying session will last for two green flag laps. Open to all iRacing members, regardless of license level. Drivers will qualify and be gridded into race sessions based on qualifying time. Qualifying is not required. If a driver does not post a qualifying time they will be placed in a split after all drivers who did post times. Then they will be gridded according to their iRating.

Safety Rating and iRating: This event is an official session and official session rules apply. Safety Rating and iRating will be on and counted.

Tows, Resets, Pit stops, Yellow Flags: Each driver will be allowed one reset (a tow back to pit lane). Typical pit stop rules will be in effect. The race will begin with a rolling start. Full course yellow flags and double file restarts will be used.

Race Length: 100 laps

Field Size: 25 racecars per split

Cost: Free, no entry fee to all iRacing members

Content Required: Content is free to all iRacing members: Thompson International Speedway and iRacing Street Stock race car.

Awards: The top 3 drivers in each split will be reported on inRacingNews and given an award certificate.

Prizes: iRacing will choose at random five iRacers who raced in the event to receive a $100 gift certificate card

Additional Event Info: Although many steps have been taken to make sure this World Tour event occurs without any issues, the following contingency plan will be used. If the iRacing service is interrupted, iRacing will attempt to re-launch the event sometime within the next 120 minutes of the original start time. If we cannot restart the event within that window, we will reschedule the race for another date. We will communicate all announcements on the World Tour forum and we will use a banner on our member home page, our Facebook and Twitter pages. If our member site is down, we will communicate all updates on Facebook and Twitter until our member site is restored. You can follow us on facebook at: or at Twitter,

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