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Racer: Обновление до версии 0.8.34

Racer: Обновление до версии 0.8.34

Разработчики независимого проекта Racer Free Car Simulation или просто Racer выпустили очередное обновление своего симулятора.

Оригинальный список изменений новой версии:
- Bugfix: Director cam didn’t work
- Bugfix: Rain didn’t affect grip (snow did)
- ENet upgraded to v1.3.3 (small change to avoid unreliable packet regression, and disconnect fix)
- Added input limiters for Pacejka curves for slipangle/ratio/camber/load (see data/cars/default/car.ini)
(wheel.pacejka.slipangle_min/max etc); see
- Bugfix: Replay was never painted; no camera was defined.
- Bugfix: particles in replays were not animated in reverse mode. Now they are (although not entirely correct)
- Turning AI on while offroad would cause a crash.
- Added ai.spring_factor in car.ini to add some magic forces to keep the car on track (use ‘ai scale’ for example
to add some speed to the AI line; check out ‘ai save’ and such).
- CurvEd import of ASCII txt and CSV added.
- CurvEd imports were buggy (zero) if more than 50 points were imported.
- Added textures.stub in racer.ini to optionally load a single texture for every loaded shader; useful
when testing mipmapping (if you’re using mipmaps effectively, see
- Added data/images/ as a default images for the feature above
- Added dev.fast_fade in racer.ini to allow quick fades while developing
- Added wheel roadnoise filtering to simulate rubber; see
- Added ai.rc_factor in car.ini to be able to help AI if you give it a high grip_factor as well. See
- Added ai.cg_factor in car.ini to lower effective CG height to help AI drive faster through turns without flipping.
See also
- susp_implicit_integration now set to 0 for explicit physics. It seems stable for F1 cars with tire_damping,
and the implicit method creates buggy load values in the tires.
- Added ghost.update_if_loaded (defaults to true) to determine whether to update the ghost lap (if you’re faster),
even if you’ve explicitly loaded one with ghost.load.
- Materials without names in DOF files used to get the exact texture name (ie ‘body.tga’). The extension is now cut, so it’d become ‘body’).

Скачать Racer v0.8.34 можно с домашней страницы проекта.

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